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Interactive computing research benefits from a wide variety of perspectives and disciplinary backgrounds. I'm excited to work with students from Computer Science, Design, Communications, and Anthropology departments, among many others!

Current UCSD Students

Graduate students I'm happy to give you feedback on your on-going projects or to chat about starting a new one. Please email me!

If you're thinking about going on the academic job market, I'm happy to offer any mentoring I can and my statements as another reference:
Research Statment
Teaching Statement
Diversity Statement

Undergraduate students I'm currently working with students through the Early Research Scholars Program and encourage everyone to apply!

If you're interested in working on a project, please fill out this form, which will be reviewed weekly. You will receive an email if there is an opening in our ongoing projects that seems like a good fit. Please understand that no other emails will be sent.

I also encourage you to consider taking one of my classes, which is a great way to show off your work ethic and expertise!

Students Outside UCSD

If you're a graduate student from another university interested in working with me over a summer, please email me!

If you're interested in doing a PhD with me, please apply to the PhD program in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at UCSD.

My work considers how to design the algorithmic experience (AX) of machine learning systems. I'm particularly interested in questions of agency and control, but also user understanding, justice, and policy. I often work on social computing applications (like news feed curation and content moderation) but occasionally other areas. I'm especially interested in exploring the intersection of AX, social computing, and augmented reality!

If you're interested in specifically working with me, please think about the connections of your research interests to this area and how this comes through in your research statement. There's a lot of great advice out there on writing research statements (a few starting points: 1, 2, 3) and I won't try to add to them, besides recommending that you ask your mentors to look at them before applying!


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